Why is Annie Running?


In Andover, we have many challenges before us — rising taxes, long-term liabilities, and major capital projects on the horizon. If we want to work successfully to achieve our collective goals, we must be able to share our ideas and debate our differences without finger-pointing, divisiveness and personal attacks. As elected officials, the Board of Selectmen sets the tone for civil discourse in our community; its leadership is only as strong as its ability to respectfully and productively work together — with residents, with employees, and with one another.

I am running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen because it is time we come together to think, work and grow as a community.  I bring the perspective of a 24-year resident and taxpayer with a deep investment in Andover’s future, in addition to years of experience in a variety of community roles.  My husband Bob owns two local businesses — the law firm Gilbert & Renton and the liquor store Andover Classic Wines. Our entire livelihood is centered downtown.  After spending the last 25 years raising our children, we are looking ahead to our next chapter and to what Andover can become, both for long-time residents with lasting community ties and for younger generations planting their own roots.

Like so many families, we moved to Andover for its schools but also fell in love with its preserved open spaces, its historic downtown and its deep sense of community. These elements set our town apart, and require thoughtful stewardship going forward if Andover is to stay vibrant and vital. To preserve our community assets and tackle the challenges that lie ahead, the Board of Selectmen needs members with an open mind, a commitment to collaboration, a willingness to serve, and the time to commit to do the job well.  We need people who will listen and represent the diverse voices of this community, not just drive forward their own personal agenda.  I know from experience that there are so many talented people in Andover who would like to engage in productive and positive dialogue rather than point out what is wrong and who is to blame.  As a community, we face challenges, but we also have tremendous opportunities, and I want to be part of an inclusive discussion that will drive solutions forward.

If I am elected to the Board of Selectmen, I will do everything I can to restore collaboration and provide effective leadership here in our own town.  I love Andover, and I believe it is one of the best places to live and work in America. Together, we can make it the very best.