Campaign News

Letters of Endorsement

Many thanks to the following Andover residents for writing these letters to the Editor of the Townsman in support of Annie’s campaign. ¬†Click on a name to read the letter on the Townsman website.

Greg Serrao

Don Robb

Mark Johnson

Marilyn Fitzgerald

Mary Lyman

Kathy & John Hess

Tim Vaill

Christa DiNapoli

Marj Andresen

Tina and Andrew Girdwood

Anil Navkal

Norma Gammon

Peg Campbell

Steve Golden

Alan French

Melissa Litton

Paula Colby-Clements

Susan Stott

Dick and Judy Howe

Townsman Announces Annie’s Candidacy

This week’s edition of the Andover Townsman includes a front page article announcing Annie as a candidate for Board of Selectmen. Take time to read the article online.


“I know from experience that there are so many talented people in Andover who would like to engage in productive and positive dialogue rather than point out what is wrong and who is to blame. As a community, we face challenges, but we also have tremendous opportunities, and I want to be part of an inclusive discussion that will drive solutions forward.” – Annie Gilbert, Andover Townsman, 12/14/17